Battle for Their Minds

From birth to 18 years of age, children have a limited amount of time for development and mastery of skills more...

The Teenage Brain

Recent developments in brain scan research show that teens’ brains are not fully developed until age 25! The prefrontal cortex more...

Video Game Violence

Parents, know what is in the games your children play and follow the games’ rating on the box! 12 to 14 year olds more...


Topics include the management of online gaming, social media, texting, and more. Click here to request a Real Battle seminar in your community.

One in eleven kids are addicted to gaming similar to drugs and alcohol, destroying their lives. To achieve success in the digital age, children must learn to manage their time and conflict with gaming. Time management in the digital age is difficult. The Real Battle is managing time, avoiding digital distractions, and focusing on God-given purpose. Topics include management of online gaming, social media, and cell phone texting. Boys and young men love video games and pornography. Males are designed to fight battles and seek love. When they are unable to discover purpose and love in real life, millions are turning to video games and online distractions. There is a growing number of underachieving men, and the Real Battle is stopping this horrendous phenomena. Success and health depends greatly on how the brain is nurtured and the experiences the child is exposed to. We provide the medical and scientific evidence for providing the ideal environment for children.

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"We weren't sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. The personal stories were so helpful. The medical info was clear and understandable. Thank you so much!"
"Dr. Doan combines research with personal experience and gives an incredible and timely presentation. An incredible wake up call for parents of teens."
"It was very interesting, I could follow easily, funny and had great info throughout the whole presentation."
"Very thought provoking. Thank you! Appreciated the extensive answers and the fine solutions during the question and answer session!!"
"Lots of great food for thought! Your information helped clarify some things to address and how to approach them in an educated, caring fashion."
"Awesome. So glad you spoke to the kids also. My 15 year-old daughter is having severe anxiety issues, and I am very suspicious that all the "homework" is not homework. I'm looking forward to our conversation about this."
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