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Internet Gaming Disorder and Addiction Will Be Epidemic

This is how I see it at the 30,000 feet view. First, watch this short 4:50 min video on brain development in children: I was addicted to digital games as an adult in my 20’s, AFTER my brain was programmed for fundamental skills such as: creativity, self-control, communication skills, empathy, reflective thought, and other higher […]

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Focusing “addictive personality” to Win!

Successful people move forward, in failure and success. Go live out your dream and make your ideas into reality! For us who suffer from an “addictive personality”, which I refer to as the “go-getter trait” when discussing this with my medical colleagues. The “addictive personality”/”go-getter” trait run about 1 in 11 people. I truly believe […]


Nicholas Doan – Anyone Can Change!

Post by Andrew Doan, MD, PhD. *Nick Doan is not affiliated with the University of Minnesota. Produced by Daniel Hunt. In this video Nick Doan shares from his own life about his Father who had a crippling video game addiction in his early years. As his parents’ marriage dissolved, Nick went deeper into his own […]


Real Battle Partners with Million Kids to Fight Child Sex Trafficking

Julie and I met with Opal Singleton, CEO & President of the non-profit “Million Kids” ( Real Battle Ministries is partnering to attack the rampant sex trafficking in our local communities! Drug cartels and gangs have nearly controlled the prostitution market, planting “bottom ho’s” in our local schools, and utilizing social media & online games to […]

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Does your child pick candy over veggies?! Beware giving them digital devices too early.

Cris Rowan, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, published an article titled: “Ten reasons why handheld devices should be banned for children under the age of 12” She received a lot of push-back. Here is my response: The problem lies in children who cannot make wise decisions due to the fact that their frontal lobes are not […]

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Text about 11-year-old boy

Nearly with tears I send you this text.  Late last night my son and I finally finished your book. My son showed me his months and months of work in the game called “Clash of The Clans”. He showed me the text chat room portion of the game where all his buddies communicate one with […]