Time Management, Video Games

Are your kids’ grades dropping because of video games and entertainment media?

By Andrew P. Doan, MPH, MD, PhD

Based on the current research and our experience, we estimate that 10-20% of kids can moderate the use of digital screens, the majority will exhibit problematic use, and about 10% will have full-blown addictive issues that affect numerous areas of their lives. Even healthy kids have trouble moderating screen time for entertainment.

When the Los Angeles School District distributed $1 billion worth of iPads to high school students without the proper safeguards, the students used their iPads for porn and video games (Blume, 2013). In a study by Weis and Cerankosky (2010), boys who received video game systems exhibited poorer grades and increased behavioral problems in school within 4 months of receiving the system.

For few families, the kids can handle video games in their lives. For most families, unfortunately, kids will have trouble moderating their screen time. Use our screening tools to determine if your family and kids have issues with digital media for entertainment: http://www.realbattle.org/video-game-addiction-survey/


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