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Will delaying technology hurt my child’s development in a modern world?

By Andrew P. Doan, MPH, MD, PhD This is an older article, but an excellent reminder that technology executives delay the introduction of mobile devices, search engines, and digital media with their children. This makes a lot of sense neurobiologically. The brain takes about 25 years to completely mature. By delaying mobile devices, digital technologies, […]

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Are your kids’ grades dropping because of video games and entertainment media?

By Andrew P. Doan, MPH, MD, PhD Based on the current research and our experience, we estimate that 10-20% of kids can moderate the use of digital screens, the majority will exhibit problematic use, and about 10% will have full-blown addictive issues that affect numerous areas of their lives. Even healthy kids have trouble moderating […]

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Return of ‘Momo suicide challenge’ sparks fear among parents

“Reports have emerged that children are seeing the viral challenge show up on Facebook or YouTube, and in some cases even in video games. The vile “Momo suicide game” has been garnering attention after it started spreading on WhatsApp, prompting police warnings. If players fail to complete the challenges in the game, they receive threatening […]

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Speech delay and autistic symptoms are reduced when digital media is removed

Speech therapists and autism interventionists are discovering that removal of digital media from young children with speech delay or autistic symptoms changes their developmental trajectory. Bottom line up front is that digital media exposure too early in kids damages language development and may even cause autistic symptoms.