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Don’t start too young

Mom Mistake #1: Don’t let your kids start playing too young.

img_3723Don’t be too amazed at the astonishing computer and gaming skills that your 5 year old possesses; sorry but it is truly not that special! They are called ‘smart devices’ not devices for smart kids. As parents we are so impressed with our children’s abilities at young ages and understandably so. They are impressive! Their little brains are working overtime and it is amazing. However, we should be more impressed with his ability to draw a picture or ride a bike, how about greeting an adult with an eye to eye connection and a firm handshake…now THAT is impressive. Remember that the brain of a small boy is a wonderful amazing ‘computer’ itself and we must be very careful how we program it in the early years. The age of six is a very dangerous age to start gaming. The next critical age is 12 when he is entering the awkward middle school img_4028years and he is searching for anything more ‘comfortable’ and ‘meaningful’ than … bullies and … girls. Dr. Doan recommends waiting till 14-15 for your son to start gaming and then, no online games and make sure the rating is age appropriate,  and if he starts showing any signs of addiction, stop. Oh, and one more thing, stick to 30 min a day.