Game Free Home

Don’t use gaming as a digital babysitter


Mom Mistake # 2: Don’t use gaming as a digital babysitter.

Let’s be honest, video games make great babysitters and you can’t beat the ‘rate’. For little boys it is a pacifier and for bigimg_8940ger boys it is the best babysitter known to man. A game free home is loud and can be messy and mom is exhausted. Rooms are used for forts and and creative energy is in high gear.  Video games can put your kids in a ‘game coma’, perfect when you want peace and quiet but not so perfect when you want a healthy brain! Games have a chemical effect on the brain,  they stimulate the production of dopamine, no wonder why they are highly effective in surgery centers in hospitals as a pre-anesthesia drug. Doctors know that that it works better than holding mom’s hand. The digital babysitter is a hard thing to give up especially if you have boys in your home; but with some will power and some creativity, you will be glad you fired that babysitter!

Photo note: don’t get too worried mom, this photo was taken the day dad was watching the kids! He thought they were playing quietly in their room as Andrew decided to bury Evan with the all the contents of their room! Our game free house doesn’t always look like this! … always  : )