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Email from Mom: Gaming Son Redeemed

This is an email we received from a mother.

I want to thank you!  I came to one of your seminars in the fall of 2011.  It changed my sons’ lives.  I have 3 sons.  The 10 year old was particularly addicted.  He was only 8 at the time I came to your seminar.  He had always liked computer games.  When he was 6 we had gotten a Wii for Christmas.  I started to worry when I realized that everything he thought about and did was oriented around video games.  He chose projects for school that somehow related to games like researching Nintendo and its creators.  He wanted to learn Japanese.  Those thing weren’t so bad, but his conversation was always about a virtual world.  He had no interest in books or outside games.  I had this nagging sense that something was amiss.  

After attending your seminar, I read ‘Playstation Nation’, I talked to my husband, and we made a decision.  We took away the Wii and all computer games.  It was November 1 and I  told the boys it would be after Christmas before we’d revisit the issue.  My then 8 year old, with tears in his eyes, looked at me and whimpered, “Don’t take away the only thing I love.”  When I heard that I knew we’d made the right call.

The time away allowed my 8 year old to heal.  He began reading.  Then he read more.  He tried baseball.  He spent time in the woods.  He started fencing.  He read more.  He built Legos.  He started drawing.  He read some more.  He eventually tackled the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.  He is a totally reformed gamer–complete with derisive comments to anyone who talks about or plays video games in his presence.  (We’re working on that).  One day recently he hugged me and said, “Thanks, Mom.  You saved me.”
So I want to say to you, “Thanks.”  You saved my son.
May God bless your efforts.

Mother of 3 sons.