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Focusing “addictive personality” to Win!

Successful people move forward, in failure and success. Go live out your dream and make your ideas into reality!

For us who suffer from an “addictive personality”, which I refer to as the “go-getter trait” when discussing this with my medical colleagues.

The “addictive personality”/”go-getter” trait run about 1 in 11 people. I truly believe that God designed it this way because there is an advantage to this trait. Too few in a community, there are not enough “go-getters” to do positive things in a community. Too many, then the community doesn’t have enough stability.

The problem comes with the Sin nature of people & influence from the Enemy. A person with the “addictive personality”/”go-getter” trait WITHOUT God’s focus or “good, strong-will power”, will waste this trait on destructive behaviors, such as drugs, alcohol and video game addiction.

However with positive focus and understanding, a person with the “addictive personality”/”go-getter” trait is the highly coveted employee, amazingly productive father or mother, or even the highly valuable CEO of a company.

ALL addicts are heroes waiting to make their debut! That’s why I say, “Heroes don’t play games. They fight real battles!”

Andrew Doan MD PhD

heroes fight real battles