Internet Gaming Disorder & Addiction, Video Games

How many people are affected by internet gaming disorder?

By Andrew P. Doan, MPH, MD, PhD

These are the estimated stats for 18 year-olds who are addicted to gaming and digital media in the United States.

There are 325 million Americans.

12% Americans are in the 18-24 age group = 39 million individuals.

39/7 = 5.6 million who are 18 year-olds.

9% addiction rate (1 in 11) = 504,000 addicted 18 year-olds every year.

This is a half-million addicted gamers and addicted to media such as porn and social media per age group!

Also, there is an estimated 3.5 million per age group who are problematic media users who don’t fit all the clinical criteria for gaming or media addiction.

Are you addicted to gaming and media? Take a look at the addiction survey. Consider a detox to determine if you can do without gaming and media.