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Letter from Amy: Divorce Over Gaming

We received an email from a woman who experienced conflict with a gaming spouse.

Dr. Doan,

Thank you so much for your YouTube videos about gaming.  I recently watched the one with you and your wife (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJtJ–5SiAg).  I think I cried during the entire thing.

My husband and I are separated – he has asked me for a divorce.  He is addicted to online games, but is in denial.  I actually went to the Olganon.org website before we got married because I was worried, but I still married him.  At times he was able to control the time spent in the game.  He even went a couple of months without playing, but slowly started up again.  

I am devastated about his choice because I know the man he can be when he is away from the games.  I am in counseling and learning about co-dependency and trying to learn how to let this man go.

I so appreciate your hard work to get the word out about these games.  Before I met my husband I didn’t know what a raid was or an MMO or any other gaming terms.  The danger of this addiction is just as real as drugs and alcohol, but too few people know about it.  It makes it very hard for me to share with others because they look at me like I’m off my rocker because my husband just wanted to “play some games.”  Most others just don’t understand.

I hope that you, through Real Battle Ministries, that others can be spared the heartache and pain that I feel.