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Netflix plans to offer online gaming.

By Andrew P. Doan, MPH, MD, PhD

Gaming is big business. The profits from gaming associated with subscription revenues, hardware purchases, and microtransactions far exceed the profits from movies and books combined. One successful game can generate over $1 billion in annual revenue! With this amount of money at stake, Netflix is planning for a cloud gaming service.

In the article below (Pallota, 2021), some people criticize that Netflix gaming technology is horrible and that the company is not ready for the delivery of high-end games. Others have stated that gamers will have limited controls over games via a streaming service.

These critics are not considering the technological developments in cloud gaming. Nvidia GeForce Now (2021) has developed cloud gaming technology that allows gamers to stream games over a high-speed internet connection. With the widespread availability of fiber optic internet and 5G speeds on smartphones, gamers can play games using the highest graphics settings and most advanced computing technology by streaming the video output. This is similar to how Netflix streams 4K videos to your TV screen. You don’t download the entire video, instead, you are streaming the video images. With GeForce Now cloud gaming service, gamers are playing high-end PC games and console games on their smartphones, outdated computers, and smart-TVs!

Netflix is likely using some of its $10 billion in annual profit to invest in cloud gaming services. Netflix has plenty of money to purchase existing games for its continually increasing library of entertainment digital media. Soon, it may be possible to play the latest popular games using a game controller and Netflix.

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