Andrew Doan, MD, PhD – Medical Doctor & Neuroscientist

Recovered video game addict. Dr. Andrew Doan is a recognized expert in technology and video game addiction. Dr. Doan does research in behavioral and digital media addictions. With a doctoral degree in neuroscience, his background in molecular neuroscience adds in depth knowledge into the areas of Internet Addiction, Video Game Addiction, and Porn Addiction. Dr. Doan is author of Hooked on Games: Dr. Andrew Doan is a doctor, doctor, i.e. M.D. and Ph.D., meaning that he was one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) medical scientist doctors. Every year the NIH provides funding for the training of medical scientists, M.D./Ph.D.’s. These medical scientists comprise of about 200 students every year out of 16,000 medical students. They get paid to go through this eight year program to teach and do research. The goal is to create medical scientists and educators to teach and do research in medical schools and public settings. These medical scientists pick a clinical discipline as well as a basic science discipline. Dr. Doan chose ophthalmology as a clinical discipline which compliments well with his interest in neuroscience. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in neuroscience from Johns Hopkins, the premier neuroscience training program in the world. He has had over 10 years of experience doing research on learning, memory, and brain development.

The neurosensory retina in the eyes connect with the brain through approximately 2.4 million nerve fibers, making the eyes an extension of the brain. With Dr. Doan’s clinical knowledge in visual systems and his research training in neuroscience, his expertise is unique and rare. He is able to speak with medical and scientific authority on brain development, the visual system, and how digital media work through the visual system to reprogram the brain via neuronal plasticity. Dr. Doan is married to Julie and is a father of three. Dr. Doan’s Resume.

Julie Doan, RN – Mother & Family Advocate

Julie Doan is a registered nurse who has an interest in child development, neuroscience, and digital media addictions. She is married to Dr. Andrew Doan.  Dr. Andrew and Julie Doan research digital media addictions and methods to help families thrive by overcoming digital media overuse. With her husband, they founded Real Battle Ministries where she and her husband have given talks around the world about the problems associated with digital media overuse. She is a highly-demanded speaker with near perfect 5-star Verified Reviews®. Dr. Andrew & Julie Doan have over 95,000 followers on Facebook. They also have over 550,000 followers on their Christian Recovery Resource Facebook page where they evangelize, teach, and share about consequences with excessive digital media use. Julie is a mother of two college students and one pre-teen girl. She is currently pursuing a career as a life coach.

Christie Walsh – President

Christie Walsh is the President of Real Battle Ministries. She has a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at San Diego. As a Management Analyst for one of the largest healthcare providers in Southern California, she found great satisfaction from finding solutions to gaps in healthcare delivery.  This ultimately prepared her for her life’s greatest challenge, parenting!   While raising three children, each a year apart in school and who are now all in college, her family experienced significant negative effects from digital media overuse. Observing the dysfunction and the destructive behavior from technology overuse, she realized she had to proactively get help for her family, only to find an enormous gap in services. There were books to read, apps to install on computers and devices, but very few specialists to guide people through a process of resolving the problem and preventing more serious problems.  Dr. Andrew Doan’s book, “Hooked on Games”, was instrumental in connecting the neurochemistry processes stimulated by digital media with destructive, self-limiting behaviors. Consulting with specialists and thought leaders in this new and burgeoning field provided the tools to convince her family to limit digital media use.  While spending 10 years dedicated to studying the issue and finding solutions for her family, she realized this is an issue that is affecting the best and brightest of our youth, is a worldwide phenomenon, spans every age group and must be made known.

Melanie Hempe, RN – Mother & Visionary

Mother and nurse. Melanie has over 10 years of expertise in video game addiction. She has presented in seminars to parents and worked with families to help them achieve a game free home and to reduce conflict in their families. Melanie has passion to help families achieve less conflict and to thrive in the digital age. Melanie is married to Chris and is a mother of four.