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Praise the LORD! Another boy helped!

Last night, I saw a friend who shared with me that my book changed his nephew’s life. His preteen nephew lost his mom because of illness, became depressed, and dove more and more into the game of Minecraft playing in excess of five hours daily. This excessive gaming had negative impact on his attitude and behavior.

After reading my book, Hooked On Games: The Lure and Cost of Video Game & Internet, the father took action. The child now plays less than one hour daily, his attitude is better, and he is doing much better emotionally! The child is involved in sports and living a more balanced life, while he grieves the lost of his mom.

My friend gave me several hugs and thanked my wife and I for our story. I thank God for using my addictive past and story to help improve the lives of others!

You may listen to the audio version of my book for free on iTunes.


Andrew Doan MD PhD

For it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose. – Philippians 2:13