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Spiritual Warfare & Attacks When Doing the Right Thing, Means We Are Doing the Right Thing!

By Andrew Doan MD PhD

spiritual-warfareRecently, my wife Julie and I were invited to visit Minnesota to give a talk on technology and video game addiction to a group of doctors and their wives. At Real Battle Ministries, Melanie, Julie and I give two “categories” of talks on numerous topics addressing gaming addiction, pornography, reversal of habits, programming the mind to win in the digital age, and several other topics. Each talk has two versions: one without Jesus and the other with Jesus as the solution. The secular organizations do not appreciate hearing about Holy Spirit Power and Christ Jesus, so the talk concludes with solutions like rules, regulations, and WILL POWER to make the right decisions. The talk format we really, really, REALLY enjoy delivering contains our testimonies and discusses scriptural references, as well as concluding with guidelines and the power of the HOLY SPIRIT in guiding us to make the right decisions.

Initially, we were invited for a secular talk, but we were also invited to a prayer group to address parents and teens about the topic of “Fake War, Fake Love Destroying Young Men in the Digital Age”. The Enemy did not want the second talk to happen! The organizer, my family and my businesses were under spiritual attack days before our trip to Minnesota! Just days before our trip, the electronic medical record server at my medical practice crashed, several large clients cancelled service with one of my businesses, Melanie’s pipes in her house froze and burst while her neighbors’ were fine, and the organizer lost the venue for the prayer group meeting!

My wife and I weren’t worried. Instead, we were getting excited because when we’re doing something the Enemy dislikes, the attacks will come! So we prayed together as a couple and asked God to show us what He wants us to do. If my businesses are going to suffer and it’s His will, then fine. If He doesn’t want us to give a talk to the prayer group, then He must have something else planned during our weekend in Minnesota. Julie and I prayed and waited. A friend fixed the crashed server before the next morning without cost to us, we received new clients to our business as we flew to Minnesota, and God found a new venue for our second talk!

As stated in Romans 8:28-31, “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Julie and I experienced God showing up this weekend! This is how it unfolded. The organizer of the prayer group lost the original venue at his church, so he was going to host the talk in his home. Within 24 hours, the number of people increased to over 50 people so he had to find another venue. One member of the prayer group is an executive at a local university, and he opened a classroom for us. We arrived to the talk to see over 50 parents and teens at 7PM on a Saturday night! Because of the recent snowfall in Minnesota and the last minute nature of the talk, numerous families had to fight to come and there were several who couldn’t make it.

Before the talk, I asked the kids, “How many of you were forced to come by your parents?” More than half of the kids quickly raised their hands, and most notably, there was one irritated, teenage boy in the corner who clearly looked angry. However, after the talk, the irritated, teenage boy asked me how to pursue a more purposeful life in the digital age! Another young man shared that he is not a gamer but sees the addiction in his friends! Most of the kids and families left empowered and motivated to make positive changes in their lives! We felt so Blessed! At the conclusion of the talk, we were approached by a teacher to speak at his school. The executive of the university wants us to come back to address gaming addiction to the students and perhaps to several more universities in the area, potentially reaching over 10,000 students!

I love our ministry!!! Melanie, Julie and I volunteer our time, stories, and expertise to help change lives. When one life is changed, like the irritated teenage boy, we praise the LORD! When one nearly ruined speaking engagement is redeemed and opens up amazing opportunities, we praise the LORD and stand in awe of His plan, His goodness, and His power!

Comments from our talk:

“Thank you very much. I oversee the area of student life at a college and this is a real problem. This was very informative – more people need to hear this – and act! – Review from Matt, Vice President for Athletics and Student Life”

“Thank you, it was very helpful and it solidified a lot of our feelings regarding games we allowed our son to play. Though we have limited it to 40 minutes a day, it has become harder to fight against. – Review from Bradford”

“I have 5 year-old and 9 year-old girls and found this talk very informative & useful. Our girls spend little time on games now but now it’s going to be non-existent! – Review by Janice”

“Thank you so much for sharing your powerful testimony and the very helpful information. We will be implementing these ideas & sharing the information with all of our friends and with our young children. This cements even more in my mind the importance of keeping gaming out of our family. The Lord is alive and well. He is so evident in your lives. – Review from Melody”

“Unbelievable is the threat of gaming. I had no idea. I play solitaire on the computer and dislike that I do it because it’s such a waste of time and so non-productive! I’m going to go back to reading books from the library. Thanks! – Review by Jean”

“We really enjoyed your presentation. It’s a hard thing to navigate and we are often left feeling like the “mean” parents as we really try to monitor the games our kids play on their devices. It reiterates what we’ve been telling our kids so it was great for them to hear. In fact, my kids can quote me saying, “No one is going to pay you for 10,000 hours of video game experience.” 🙂 We value Malcolm Gladwell and all his writing! – Review by Greta”

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Fake War, Fake Love Destroying Potential Due to Video Game Overuse – Jan 2014