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Text about 11-year-old boy

Nearly with tears I send you this text.  Late last night my son and I finally finished your book. My son showed me his months and months of work in the game called “Clash of The Clans”. He showed me the text chat room portion of the game where all his buddies communicate one with another. To his embarrassment, we saw how many of these 11-year-olds that all go to his former Christian school creatively using the F-word talking about other 11-year-old girls at school. I didn’t say anything to him all and did not ask who these people were behind their clan identities. Within minutes, he deleted months of work and told me he was done with gaming. To God be the glory for His testimony through your experience. I’m looking forward to much excitement our next time together.

An update on my son: he sold his complete Wii System and all eight games to the local game store!

Father of 11-year-old boy.