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The Joy of a game free home

Welcome to my blog!

Do you have a problem with too much gaming at your house?
Does your son want to play video games all the time?
Doe he always ‘have one more level’ to do before dinner?
Do you feel in your gut that something is wrong and you are losing your son?
Are you stressed?

I am so glad you are here! This is my story of video game addiction (yes there is such a thing), the pain it causes and wonderful real solutions for your home. I will share with you not only the facts surrounding this most common parenting challenge of our time, but my mistakes, my road to awareness and real workable solutions. I walked through a very painful journey for 10 years and have learned so much. I hope that you will be encouraged, helped, and inspired as you read and learn. I am excited about the joy you will discover with your boys as you find solutions that will work for your home!

I have taught seminars at our church and school since 2011 on the issues surrounding boys and video game addiction. I am now working with Dr. Andrew Doan under Real Battle Ministries, a ministry we formed to educated families on the dangers and addictive nature of gaming and offer real solutions to the gaming dilemma in families. Andy is an eye surgeon, a neuroscientist and a dad! He is also a recovered video game addict. I am a nurse and a mom who lived with a son with a gaming problem for many years. Andy and I do educational presentations together. We use a blend of brain facts and neuroscience mixed together with some mom’s intuition and a sprinkle of common sense. He shares the medical ‘brain’ facts on development and addiction and I bring it home, literally: real kids, real homes and real life. We do a weekly YouTube video conference covering an important topic each week and this blog is my forum for moms. Here we will share facts, solutions and real life stories for how to make your home more peaceful with a balance of technology and healthy childhood activities.

Andy and his wife Julie have three children, two girls and a boy and Chris and I have four children , three boys and a girl. With the conviction of our Christian faith, the support of our spouses and the passion we have to spread this message, we are excited to present this important material to you. We believe that this information may possibly change your life, change your son’s life and free you from the conflict and pain you have been experiencing with technology in your home. My God bless you on your journey and … Welcome!


Melanie Hempe

Real Battle Ministries